Hualien Tourists Spot


Shitiping is located at the very south of Shiti Bay, Fengbin Township, Hualien County. The whole ar-ea is a vast coastal terrace on which many marine abrasion landforms can be found, such as wave-cut platform, raised coral reef, wave-cut trenches, wave cut cliffs, etc. In particular, the giant’s ket-tles are the foremost scenery in Taiwan.

Hualien sugar factory

Sugar facotry is located in Guangfu Township, which produced sugar on a large scale. The factory has experienced many years of expansion and renovation, there have been increases in the amount of sugar produced, and improvements in the sugar quality, they also has a frozen products department which produces all flavors of popsicles and ice cream, these products are very popular with both local and foreign tourists, and a "trip to the sugar factory to sample the ice cream prod-ucts" has become a favorite tourist activity. Other than the above mentioned facilities, the factory also provides such as restaurant, coffee shop, Or-chids hall, cycling rental and other entertainment facilities...

Mataian wet-land ecological park

The Mataian Wetland Ecological Park Area is lo-cated at the foot of Masi Mountain in Hualien County's Guangfu Township. The springs of this natural wetland flow unceasingly. It covers a sur-face area of 12 hectares. The clear, shallow Fudeng River originates from Masi Mountain, where the spring waters converge from under the ground, where can boast of almost 100 kinds of water plants, the variety of birds, frogs, insects and water animals is also astounding. In recent years, Hual-ien County Farmer's Association set up a special-ized area in the Mataian Wetland Ecological Park to promote the cultivation of Hualien County's county flower, namely the orchid. The time to come and enjoy these flowers is from May to Au-gust of each year. Visitors who enjoy cycling can try out the Mataian Wetland Bicycle Path, where they will experience a trip that is full of natural wonders.

Dong Hwa University

Dong Hwa University is located in shou feng town-ship, occupied 251 hectare of land, which is the biggest university in eastern Taiwan, surround by huge moutains and sky, the European-styled building reflects its beauty on the surface of the lake, showing the exquisite atmosphere of the en-vironment. Combining nature and civilization, this is an excellent place for cultivating great minds and personalities.

Tungtamen Night Market

Located in Hualien City’s 6th Redevelopment Zone, two horizontal roads and one vertical road surround the solar city: Futing Night Market Street, Street of Chinese Cuisines, and Street of Indigenous Cuisines. The over 400 food stands have helped increase the popularity of Hualien’s tourism with its spectacular snacks, games, and performances since the summer of 2015. When coming to Hualien, both the locals and tourists visit Tungtamen Night Market to try the various street dishes.