Hualien Tourists Spot

Pine Garden

It is strategically located at the foothills of the Meilun Mountain, right across from Meilun River’s outlet to the sea. Pine Garden is a two-story quasi-western arcade building. The style includes a modest appearance with a fo-cus on strength and durability. The walls are of the original color of concrete, while the first and second floors feature European-style arcades. The rooftop is made of Japanese roof tiles, which is a mixed architectural style of the east and west.

Baibao River

Baibao River has no overly exquisite man-made landscaping. It is nature’s gift. Be it fluttering butterflies, the clear, splashing river watercourse, or the rural scenery along the road, they all add an air of tran-quility and freshness to Baibao River.

Maple Tree Trail

There are six lookout platforms located at an altitude of 300 m to 400 m along Maple Tree Trail. A single trip on the Trail takes two hours to finish. The Trail slants gently so it is an easy walk. You can also ride a bike, or motorbike, or even drive along any part of the Trail you want. The Trail is a per-fect place for parents taking children to go for a walk in nature. When the weather is nice, you can view Hualien, Meilun Moun-tain, the Pacific Ocean, the East Rift Valley, and Coastal Mountain Range.

Hualien County Stone Sculp-tural Muse-um

The blessed natural environment has nur-tured a unique local culture and stone art. Hualien County Stone Sculptural Museum is the first stone sculpture museum in Tai-wan. When you enter the museum area, you will see large stone sculptures on the lawn.

Hualien Bay Happy Farm

Hualien Bay Happy Farm is located in Guang Hua Le Huo Creative Park in Ji’an Township, Hualien County. The farm is 45 hectares in size. The farm has been planted with various flowers such as sunflowers, ginger lilies, lotus flowers, and wild-sage flowers. During the blooming season, the conglomeration of different flowers blos-som together, creating a beautiful scene. Currently, the Farm is open all day and ad-mission is free.