Hualien Tourists Spot

Shakadang Trail

Previously, it was only accessible until Wujianwu; after further construction, the trail was opened all the way to the end, Sanjianwu. Shakadang River’s riverbed is filled with large and small rocks, mostly marble and gneiss. Their patterns paired with the flowing blue-green water gives this 4.1-kilometer mountainside hike breathtaking scenery.

Changchun Shrine

Traversing the 300-meter trail will bring you to Changchun Shrine, which com-memorates those who gave their lives building the highway. There are 225 names engraved on the memorial plaque. Changchun Shrine Trail continues behind the Shrine with steps that carve drastic curves in the terrain. These steps are steep-er and harder to climb, even being dubbed “Heaven’s stairs”. Guanyin Cave is the first stop, then Taroko Tower and the Bell Tower, which offer lovely views of the gorge.

Taroko Na-tional Park

The mountains of Taroko tower high above Liwu River that has cut its way through far below. The Park harbors numerous ecosys-tems, such as alpine tundra, Yushan cane meadows, coniferous forests, mixed forests, evergreen hardwood forests, and rivers.

Qingshui Cliffs

Visitors will get the best view of these cliffs from an observation deck next to Chongde Tunnel’s entrance at the 176.4K mark on Suhua Highway.

Jingpu Trop-ic of Cancer Marker

The Tropic of Cancer is a circle of latitude on earth that is 23.5° north of the equator. It symbolizes the border between the sub-tropics and tropics. In Taiwan, the most ob-vious difference is that the main plants south of the Tropic of Cancer are the tropi-cal pineapples and sugar apples, whereas the main plants north of the Tropic of Can-cer are tea and rice.