Hualien Tourists Spot

Chike Moun-tain

In the period under Japanese rule, the ap-proximately 900m-high Chike Mountain was famous for the Chike trees (Red Bark Oak) growing there. The blessed soil and climatic conditions have nurtured the abundant lily flowers in Yuli Township. The yellow flowers blossom every summer, and together with the unique “Three Views of Chike” in the Area, they have made the place a popular tourist destination.

Yun-shanshui Wetlands Ecological Park

Yunshanshui is a recently emerging tourist attraction and also a must-visit destination for tourists coming to Shoufeng, Hualien. The glittering lake looks different at differ-ent times; as seasons change, creating a fascinating and arresting view.

Ji’an Keishuin

In the period under Japanese rule, the main deities of the temple were Kūkai, Acala, and Vaiśravaṇa. The building re-sembled the traditional Japanese temples in Koyasan. After 50 years of silence follow-ing World War II, the derelict Keishuin was taken over by the local residents. The dei-ties to which the main hall offered sacrifices were then changed to Sakyamuni Buddha and Guanshiyin Pusa. To date, Keishuin has remained the most well-preserved histori-cal building of the Shinto shrine from the period under Japanese rule in Eastern Tai-wan as well as a third-class historical site. It is also one of the top destinations for the Japanese people who come to Taiwan to seek their family roots in Taiwan.

Bihe Pond

Hidden in the Dajiahan tribe, “Bihe Pond” is a private mystery realm in Wanrong Township. The Pond used to be land. The head of the Dajiahan tribe, Bi-hewalisi, donated the land, leading people to dig the land and make a dam. Yet, the dam broke through the years. Later, Bi-hewalisi’s oldest son renovated the dam and introduced water into the Pond, nam-ing it “Bihe Pond.”

Qixintan Scenic Area

With Qixintan’s crystal clear waters on one side and majestic mountains off in the distance, it is a place where the mountains meet the sea and a truly mesmerizing cres-cent beach. Besides the awe-inspiring views, the scenic area also includes scenic trails, seaside pavilions, viewing tower, star-watching square and more, allowing all visitors to immerse themselves in the wide expanse of earth, ocean and sky.