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Protecting your privacy

Privacy policy

Dear friends, welcome to the website of the Promisedland Resort & Lagoon. To ensure your Internet safety and privacy when using our e-services, we have made a number of related policies as written in the following notice. Please read it carefully, as you will also get to know how the Promisedland Resort collects, references and protects your personal information.



When a user uses the Promisedland Resort’s e-services, the policies on the collection, referencing and protection of individual client information are applicable.

2. The collection and use of client information

This website will not collect any of your personal information if you only browse the site or download files.

When you use the Promisedland Resort’s e-services, such as writing an email to the hotel team or making reservations online, you will be required to give some of your personal information, such as your name and email address.

The website will then record the time when you use the services, as well as the pages your visit. Such information will only be used to conduct surveys on the website’s traffic and customer behavior within the company. This is done to improve our service quality only. We do not go into details of your other personal information.

3. Internet safety policies

We use an intrusion detection system to monitor Internet traffic, make sure no uploads or change of information are made without authorization, and stop hackers from wrecking havoc on the hotel website.

A fire wall system is also set up to avoid malicious intrusions or information thefts. We make sure the website is not destroyed by hackers and the rights of users are protected.

We use anti-virus software to kills bugs on a regular basis. We do our best to provide a safe, clean e-network for our guests.

We also patch computer programs regularly, as advised by our operating system providers.

4. E-mailing policies

We will only email you hotel-related materials or send a reply to your account when you allow us to do so, such as when you register at our website, or when you undertake online application procedures. We always clearly state the hotel name in the emails, and we also offer a quick link to terminate subscriptions or access related information in the letters.


5. Information sharing

The Promisedland Resort will never sell, exchange or lease any of your personal information to other individuals, groups or private enterprises.


6. Privacy protection

If you have any questions about our privacy protection policies, please email us to let us know.