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An ecological walking tour


Experience the lush grounds of Promisedland

On the grounds of Promisedland, there are 23,269 green plants and more than 150 types of trees. On the resort, you’ll begin the beautiful journey of your vacation feeling refreshed.


Create your own delicious PIZZA~ The pizza is baked at a high temperature – not in a traditional oven but in a special pizza kiln. The aroma of the crust will be tantalizing, and the taste unmatched.  Roll up your sleeves and join us to make a unique Pizza.

 Lush plant DIY

The theme of this package focuses on the natural setting of the hotel, including an ecological walking tour, created especially for you.


Opening time : 09:00~10:40 (please book one day in advance before 22:00; minimum of 4 people required)

Activity Itinerary : Ecological Observation > Introduction of Pizza DIY > DIY Lush plants 

An ecological walking tour lasts approximately 100 minutes.  Please sign in to the Nature Park Service Center 15 minutes before the event. If you have not arrived 15 minutes after the event was scheduled to begin, we will assume you are not interested.