Hualien Tourists Spot

Henan Tem-ple

Henan Temple is located next to Provincial Highway 11 in Yenliao Village, Shoufeng Township, Hualien County. The16.67m (5 Zhang)-tall Blessing Guanyin occupies the highest point of the Buddhist temple. The Temple has a simple, unadorned architec-tural style. The plain-colored, simple interi-or and the occasional melodious Buddhist chants will instantly make you feel as if you had entered a peaceful and calm realm.

Farglory Ocean Park

The eight theme areas in Farglory Ocean Park are filled with fantasy and surprises, which are respectively, Ocean Village, Ad-venture Island, Ocean Theater, Carnival Festive Street, Pirate Bay, Brighton Coast, Undersea Kingdom, and Crystal Castle. Apart from the fun and exciting rides, there are also four amazing themed performanc-es. The brilliant performances are of inter-national quality, which you should not miss at all.

Mizhan Old Road

Mizhan Old Road used to be 7 km long. From 1888 to 1979, the Trail was an im-portant road for transporting commodities from Shuilien Village to Hualien. The porter would carry the goods here, and transport them along Hualien River to Shoufeng and Hualien for sale by ferries or oxcarts. Since most goods were rice, after the pallets of goods were piled up here, the place be-came known as “Mizhan” (pallets of rice).

Qinbuzhizi Cliffs

The skywalk constructed with transparent tempered glass has been a popular desti-nation in Taiwan in recent years. The Feng-bin Ocean and Sky Trail next to Jici was also built in the same way. However, the Qin-buzhizi Cliffs is the first trail in Taiwan to have been built on a cliff by the sea.

Shin Kong Cho Feng Ranch & Re-sort

Shin Kong Cho Feng Ranch & Resort has the best location in the best part of the val-ley between the Central Mountain Range and Coastal Mountain Range. The place has a lot to offer, including accommoda-tion, restaurants, Spa, and all sorts of lei-sure activities such as taking a train ride around the ranch, cycling, and DIY activi-ties at the Ranch.