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2019.01.01 ~ 2019.12.31 Event Information

Great Land Tour

Great Land Tour 1 :
Peace of Mind, enjoy a soothing getaway

Let your body return to its most natural state, let the five senses of taste, sight, touch, smell, and hearing enjoy a natural experience.   Alongside the lake, guests can pick organic herbs and bake their own pizzas, enjoy unique farming experiences, and participate in DIY flower dyeing activities for lasting beautiful memories!

★Activities Program: Aboriginal boat rafting tour  → DIY herbal pizza  → Flower dyeing and fragrant sachet bag DIY ★          

Great Land Tour 2 : 
Meeting Nature in Promisedland

The design of the resort -- from each brick and tile and the natural materials used --  provide an artistic atmosphere for nature-loving tourists.  Guests enjoy afternoon tea and have the opportunity to create handmade leather crafts.  You will enjoy nature and Spanish design in the hotel setting.

★ ActivitiesProgram : Boat Ride→ walking tour → leather DIY → hand-brewed coffee DIY ★