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2022.05.04 ~ 2022.12.31 Event Information

Great Land Tour

Discover Hunting


Hunter trap

A good hunter can live in the forest with only a knife and a pack of salt. The focus is on survival instincts, learning the hunter's skills of making traps to catch birds, and simply living in the forest and wilderness.
In the past, Aboriginal hunting and trapping have always been important for maintaining life.

Wild Herbal Bar

Who says there is no forest in the city? And who says there can be no city in the forest? Use every plant in the wild to perform a splendid ‘wild show’ at the bar.

DIY Recreation Plant Dyeing

Nature’s creation on the ground is colorful and bright. Pick a leaf and stain it green. Only you may appreciate it, but it is unique. Everyone has their own picture in their hearts.



Time: 09: 00-10: 40 (please book one day in advance; 4 people are required)
Activity Itinerary: Ecological Observation > Introduction of Hunter Trap > Wild Herbal Bar >DIY Recreation Plant Dyeing