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2024.01.01 ~ 2024.12.31 Event Information

Non Smoking Policy at Promisedland Resort

Dear Guest:

According to the stipulations of the government's smoking prevention and control law, the hotel respectfully requests that our guests do not smoke in the resort and guest rooms. The only exception to this is within dedicated outdoor smoking areas. If the regulations are violated, a fine of NT$2,000 to NT$10,000 will be imposed. In order to protect the rights of the next guest, if we have discovered evidence of smoking in your room after your check-out, a cleaning fee of NT$ 3000 will be charged. (In addition to the cleaning fee, if any equipment in your room is damaged, you will be charged the replacement cost.)

We would also like to request that our guests who use the dedicated smoking areas maintain their cleanliness. Please do not discard cigarette butts at random. Please be sure your cigarette is extinguished before putting it into the trash can.