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2018.03.01 ~ 2018.12.31 Event Information

Great Land Tour

Great Land Tour 1 : Peace of Mind, enjoy a soothing getaway

Let our body return to its most natural state, let the five senses of taste, sight, touch, smell, and hearing enjoy a natural experience.   Alongside the lake, guests can hand pick organic herb and bake their own pizzas, enjoy interesting farming experience, and DIY flower dyeing activities for lasting beautiful memories! 

★Activities Program: Aboriginal boat rafting tour  → DIY herbal pizza  → Flower dyeing and fragrant sachet bag DIY ★


Great Land Tour 2 : Meeting the Nature in Promisedland

The designs of the resort from each brick and tile and the natural material in the hotel are created to provide an artistic atmosphere for every nature-loving tourist staying at the hotel.  Guest enjoys afternoon tea and makes hand leather crafting.  Enjoy the nature and Spanish design in the hotel setting.

★ ActivitiesProgram : Boat Ride→ walking tour → leather DIY → hand-brewed coffee DIY ★