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Tour Information

 Tianxiang Taroko

The Taroko Gorge refers to the nearly 20 km stretch between Taroko and  Tianxiang. The scenery of dramatic and impressive landscape makes the gorge a major tourist attraction unrivaled anywhere in the world.

East Rift Valley

Itinerary : Qixingtan, Liyutan Waterfront Park, Litsun Fish Culture Farm, National Dong Hwa University (the highest education establishment in eastern Taiwan) and Jianqing Monastery are distinctive tourist attractions on Highway 9. Visitors must not miss these sceneries on your trip to Hualien.

Fireflies Tour

Sighting Fireflies is a rare opportunity nowadays. The fireflies nurture in wetland with plenty of vegetation and unpolluted water source; their existence announces the area is pollution free. Season to see them is in April and May each year, which is the season firefly’s dance.

Orange Daylily at Liu Shi Dan Mountain

Itinerary : Tasting old style ice-lolly at Guangfu Sugar Factory、Liu Shi Dan Mountain at Fuli; overlooking the orange daylily blooms all over the valley、Tea tasting at Wuhe Tea Garden to enjoy the aromatic honey flavor tea.


Whale And Dolphin Watching Tour

The best season for whale watching is May-Sept. of each year.  During the two and half hour boat tour, you can observe the vast Hualien oceanic scene, magnificent coastline, and the graceful figure of the ocean fairy.

A  Secret Scene of Cypress

The Secret Scene of Cypress is located near the Promisedland Resort. During the autumn and winter, the tall common cypress trees turn from green to yellow. Walking into it, visitors may have the feeling of entering a northern country they’ve only seen in postcards.