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About us


The land for the Promisedland was bought from 320 different landowners. That is to say, there are 320 deeds. It took me three years to deal with 320 people separately before the project was finalized. In 1961, when I was eighteen, four partners and I spent NT$1000 buying a punching machine to start up a business. We broke up a year later because of differing opinions. I started running the business by myself in 1962, and established the Promised Brand three years later. The range of products included portable gas stoves, pots and sinks. In fact, these products commanded 55% of the kitchenware market in Taiwan at that time for 10 consecutive years, and they were the best-selling products on the market. Later I sold the brand to the Cathay Company and bought this piece of land in Hualien with the money gained from the sale of the brand.

The land was not an integral parcel in the beginning. The total area was 250 hectares. I bought the land piece by piece with the money made from sale of the Promised Brand, like making up a jigsaw puzzle. Now in the lobby there is a map that shows how the Promisedland was built. At that time, I discussed and negotiated with the landowners because a vacation paradise that surprises people, fills them with joy and touches them would not have been realized without adequate land. That was my dream, and it has continued for 20 years until today.

The first income did not come until 18 years after the initiation of the project. During that period of time, I almost needed to sell one of my premises in Tainan every two to three months to support the project expenses. From the application to the initiation of the project, the government put over 2000 stamps on the documents. It's been 12 years, but only 4% of the ultimate goal has been achieved so far.Though the road was tough, when I thought about how Moses lived in the desert for forty years after his exile, twenty years were nothing to me, Liang Qing-zeng. So I was comforted, and therefore, we never surrendered!

The total area of the Promisedland is 1.5 times bigger than the land of Monaco. I am certain that this cannot be the accomplishment of an individual person-it must be the work of God. This land, facing the 2500m-tall Central Mountain Range and 700m-tall shore mountain range, is a blessed land flowing with milk and honey (Exodus 3:8)! My wife and I love traveling around the world, and we like the hotels designed by W.A.T. & G., a US resort design firm. Therefore, I invited them to plan and design the Promisedland. I also invited the 20 best design firms for landscapes, transportation, interior design, river courses, recreation, shops and lighting to form a design team to accomplish the task. I built the Promisedland in two styles: my beloved Spanish, and a natural style. I decorated it with my favorite artwork and furniture. I let my three sons study the best expertise from Europe, the USA and Japan so that they could apply their expertise after returning to Taiwan.

I introduced everything I liked and invested all the money and manpower of my family in order to create the most special vacation paradise in Taiwan, so that every guest can have a unique vacation. Each guest has his own view and lawn. He is immediately within reach of the water after walking out of his room, which is built out of stones, wood, bricks, iron and leather. It is nature's promisedland.       

It has been 20 years now, and I am here every day.